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After 7 years alongside the chef Franco Caffara - the only Michelin-starred chef in Como city - who unveiled him tips and secrets of the creations related to the sea and the South of Italy, he decided to take his own road carrying on a gourmet cuisine guided by a single keyword: respect for the raw produce. This is the identity of Kitchen. Andrea is the "orchestra director" of the brigade!
Together with Lorenzo is a fundamental pillar of the restaurant. Young but with clear ideas, after important experiences in Milan, he decided to move and design what he always wanted: a cuisine with a strong identity and personality, following the desire - shared by the whole brigade - to create dishes with memory and passion. Fabio juggles between meat and fish preparations of the main course of our menu.
Tenacious and smart, together with Fabio and Andrea, this amazing trio is the base of the the creations of Kitchen. His constant love and passion for the cuisine is constantly reflected in his creations. Always cooking with a smile for his beloved guests. Inside the kitchen he juggles with skill and passion among fresh home-made pastas, risottos paired with unusual combinations.
Born in 1996, after his studies and experiences in different pastry shops, he became head pastry chef of a well-known restaurant in the centre of Como, working for the first time with Andrea. The partnership is now renewed with the entry into the Kitchen's brigade. He will treat with the conclusions of your menu. His creations ranges from the reinterpretations of traditional recipes to more innovative dishes.